My Healthy

Home and Body

If you don't take care of your body,

where are you going to live?


"It would," as Alice said, "be so nice if something made sense for a change."  


About Me

Hi! I'm called Elizabeth, Lissy, and Mom, but most often, Gram.   

I come from a lineage of American pioneers, people in search of religious and economic freedom. The spirit of their adventure endures in me -- as I search for answers to why it is so challenging to simply live a healthy life...

What I discovered was, at first, disheartening. 

As I continue my modern day exploration, my dismay is turning to relief.

I believe we are living in a time of a great awakening. 

A group of elite, in every aspect, across the world, have for centuries, stolen our sovereign rights and freedoms from us. The deception and control they've had has been vast.  Thankfully, it is being called out, and dissolved.  

As my thirst for truth continues, slowly, but surely, things are making sense for a change.

I experience life... intensely, very emotionally, sensorily, and spiritually. 

A sense of humor is important!  I'm part of about 20% of humans with a highly sensitive nervous system, referred to as a highly sensitive person (HSP).  Generally, this means I process everything deeply, I'm easily over-stimulated, I have high emotional responsiveness, and I'm aware of 'subtleties'.  

When I first learned of 'ecology' in 7th grade, it made absolute sense to me.

I had felt the inter-connectedness of all life, my whole life.  No wonder, I cried

a lot as a child, growing up with 7 siblings (6 noisy brothers!) , my sensitive, introverted-self often feeling overwhelmed, over-stimulated, misunderstood. 


I took my first yoga class in 1977, a year after graduating high school.  I was amazed to explore the miracle of breath, and to learn the practice (pranayama) of how 'air' connects all living things.  A circuitous route brought me 'round to yoga again in 2000, and I became a registered yoga teacher (RYT).  For 10 years I enjoyed facilitating 'breath & body awareness' with all ages; teens and children, plus prenatal and partner yoga.  

Elevated State Yoga & Meditation.  

In 2012, I began to hear and feel electromagnetic fields, (electrical hyper-sensitivity, EHS) and I started experiencing multiple symptoms from chemicals (multiple-chemical sensitivity, MCS).  I have a nose like a sheepdog; I smell things most are oblivious too; I get migraines from cosmetics and fragrances; I'm sensitive to light; I'm sensitive to sound; I'm empathic -- 

I feel what others feel. I used to think, "I'm cursed!"  After living with my sensitivities for 7 years, and continual research for those 7 years, I learned how to balance mineral ratios to reduce heavy metals and symptoms.  Now, I know the blessing in being deeply in-tune with my environment and people around me.

I'm a true Cancerian, my home is my sanctuary.  I delight in work and leisure and play -- at home -- in my garden,  in nature, in introspection, in the quiet, clean, safe, simplicity of  home.

I'm designed to connect easily with children.  Being hyper-sensitive to EMFs and chemicals, working at home became less of a desire and more of a necessity.  After decades of mind-numbing and health-destroying 'jobs', finally, I am living the saying on my coffee cup:  Do What You Love. Love What You Do. Life is Good!  All my talents and passions are interwoven together as I create an organic, green, EMF-clean home and play space for children -- no TV, WiFi or cell phones.  "Less apps, more naps!"  No boss, no commute, no EDCs, EMFs, GMOs or MSG! 

This website is one way to share my gift of perception and my passion for the truth.  My greater mission is to preserve the innocence, and the wonder years, of childhood. To do this, I strive to be a guiding light for parents in how simple it is to Raise Healthy Children, Naturally.  All of us were endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.   


I enjoy connecting with others who recognize the awe of being alive, and

realize -- they're ALL wonder years. 


If this resonates with you, please request new posts below.

Your friend on the path,